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Web Development

We offer high-quality web development services, which will make your website stand out from your competitors.  We can add a full range of web applications to your website, such as an online store, social network, a custom extension, content management system or anything you can imagine!

Web Developers with Over 10 Years Experience!

Our web developers can develop complex website applications that can help your business run more efficiently online. You will have direct contact with your project manager, designer, web developer and anyone else on your development team, via our secure on-site ticket support system.  All our developers have at least 10 years of hand coding experience in various programming languages.

Here are just a few of the programming languages we work in:

PHP Joomla! Programming
WordPress Programming XML
Ajax Flash Action Script
JavaScript Java
ColdFusion MySQL
ASP/ VBScript

Need Help Planning Your Web Development Project?

If you have a great idea but don’t know how to go about planning it, we can do the planning for you!  Simply give us your ideas and outline your goals, we will create a plan to implement the development of your project.  Unlike other development firms, we will work with you every step of the way to figure out the best strategy to get your project off the ground in the shortest time and with the lowest budget.

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What is the difference between a web designer and a web developer?

Many people do not understand the difference between Web Design and Web Development. It is easy to get confused and assume that the two are one in the same. They are not. They are actually two completely different sciences that usually require two different professionals to get the most out of your Website in both perspectives.

Lets define the two:

Web Design
Web design is the process of creating the look, feel, and branding of a Website. This should be seen as auto body work. You are working on the exterior (front end) features of your Website. Web design includes the creation of logos, graphics, and other advanced visual elements such as FLASH.

Web Development
Web development is the programming (data processing) of your Website. This should be seen as building the engine of an automobile. Web development often refers to data driven Websites but also refers to other automated features such as mail scripts.

Web developers add the functionality to your Website. This may be a shopping cart, registration system, or any other automated tasks you might have that, in most cases, require a database.
To find someone who is superior at both is very difficult to do. In most cases, one person does the Web design while another professional does the Web development. Designers normally do not do programming and programmers normally are not graphic artists. Each requires enough work of its own.

Some Crossing Over for Web Developers
That being said, those in need of Web development (programming) often do not require a lot of design work from a Web designer. Why? Because they forego a Website overloaded with graphics and focus the user experience on the functionality of the Website set within a simpler, usually textually based, design.

A good example of this is shopping carts. ECommerce storefront owners often want the focus to be on their products and certainly the photos of their items. Overloading the Website with heavy advanced design can be distracting and slow the Website down. Under these circumstance, the Web developer will actually be doing most of the design in a textual manner using style sheets (CSS), materials provided by the Website owner, and perhaps a handful of clip art images. The logo and page header are usually the only advanced things when it comes to design.

So, a Web developer does need to have design skills. They are just not geared at high level graphics or things like FLASH.

Web Developers to Fit Your Budget!

We have many Websites where we have done the design in the manner explained above. We were provided a logo and perhaps a few other materials and then we built the data driven system concentrating on good textual design and layout that compliments functionality and vice-versa.

A web designer is a graphic artist who develops and styles objects for the Internet. Website designers are able to tap into their creative energy and design the overall layout and look for websites.

A web developer is one that develops applications and functionality for the Internet. It is rare to find a web developer that knows every programming language; web developers usually just focus on a few languages. Typically one developer will focus on the front end programming of a site using HTML, CSS and JavaScript while another developer will focus on server side programming like PHP, Java, Ruby, and .NET.

Is it better to work with a web designer or web developer for all my website needs?

Web designers typically have a creative mind set, whereas web developers usually think methodically and logically. Because of the very different mind sets of designers and developers, it is very hard to find a good web designer who is also a good web developer. Web developers probably can’t create an attractive web design. And web designers would likely have a hard time thinking logically to develop a proper functioning web application.

That being said, hiring a website company is your best bet to get an all around perfect website, from the design to the programming. Website companies are able to offer you the best of both worlds, by divvying up projects between their web designers and web developers. Typically a website company will also have a project manager on hand, who will be able to effectively manage projects and make sure the developers and designers are on the same page. No one person can be an expert at everything. By hiring a website company, like eEscape Marketing Services, you will get a properly managed and well planned website that will look great and function properly.

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