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Social Media Marketing

Social media is a powerful force to drive customers to your business. Our trained Social media experts will help you promote your company on social networks using the most effective strategies and tools, including a few of our own.

At eEscape Marketing, we understand the power of social media and the impact of how it is fundamentally changing the way we communicate, as well as the urgency for brands to have a successful social media presence.

With an in-house social media team, our marketing consultant’s are committed to creating strategic social media plans that are cohesive with your marketing and branding efforts, and ultimately, help identify and cultivate lasting brand advocates.

What is social media?

Social media is any website or mobile phone function that allows you to share content and ideas with other people. Just think of it as a variety of methods for getting in touch with like minded people from all over the world.

What are the main benefits of social media?

The main benefit is that you can now contact thousands of people that you never could before. You can also have your customers do your marketing for you as Facebook fans and Twitter followers share their experiences with you and your business. Social media lets you reveal more of your business and what you can offer the people who are listening.

Increase loyalty by showing the real you.

People become loyal to other people, not brands. If you run a pizza shop you can spend time on Twitter talking about your passion for pizzas and your history with the pizza making art. You can talk about your quest for finding the right ingredients and interact with other people who have similar passions.

Social media is a fantastic way to break down the barriers of facelessness. By showing your potential customers the people behind the business you are giving yourself a chance to be different from all the other competition.

Create amazing incentives

One of the best ways small businesses can use social media is by offering incentives to get people in the door.

Let me tell you an example of how it works. Let’s say you are a pizza joint and you want to get more people in the door. What you can do is put up a sign in your shop telling people that if they check in on Facebook they will get 5% off their bill. The result?

For a few dollars you have just got a review to several hundred people. All of that customer’s friends will see that they are at your pizza joint and the chances are they will add a comment like “great pizza”. The next time those friends are thinking about pizza they might just remember that little reference.

Incentives can be really simple or they can be complex and more rewarding. But don’t be afraid of giving away free stuff to people because it will come back to you in droves.

Share photos to increase location and product awareness

If you have a business with a physical location then uploading a gallery of photos on Facebook can be an excellent way to introduce people to your location.

If you have a physical product you can do the same – upload photos and show people what they are getting or how it is made.

As you are probably realizing, social media for small business is all about making meaningful connections with people. By sharing photos you are breaking down “web barriers” and reminding people that you are around and your product is really really good.

Social Media – SEO Methodology

As Search Engines continually update their algorithms in order to provide the best user experience, we are beginning to see the true value of a strategically executed social media marketing strategy and how it can strengthen SEO efforts. Social Media is one of the most effective ways to set the tone of your brand, engage your customers, build loyalty, and drive qualified leads. It has also evolved as a very strong organic link building tool for SEO.

By optimizing social channels for search, building content calendars that ensure consistent content is currently being published across social channels, and engaging with Q &A sites and blogger outreach, these are just a few ways we are bridging the gap between traditional SEO and social media.


Initial audit of business marketing plans and objectives via an in-depth discovery phase:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Market research, listening in the online space and social channels
  • Identification of key platforms Robust social media strategic plan, recommendations & implementation:
  • Recommended social media channels included
  • Content suggestions that provide value to users
  • Best practice examples
  • Campaign strategies and recommendations
  • eEscape Marketing to set up new pages, or clean up existing pages

Our social media team uses strategies based on proven tactics and results.

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