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Landing Page Design

The landing page is where the rubber meets the road. It must explain, persuade, provide a clear path to action, visually engage the reader, and convey all of this in a matter of seconds. A great landing page means high conversions, more leads and more sales.

Landing pages that convert. Banner design that attracts clicks. Graphic design that shows off your brand’s identity. Web design that is beautiful and functional

Your website is the chance where you can make the first, and often the last impression on your prospects and customers.

And even if your ideal customers are not on your website per se, you still have the chance to impress them. Think of your banner ads appearing on a third party website, HTML templates of your e-newsletters and the logo of your brand that might be featured on blogs.

How do you pull this off, sometimes within mere seconds of the customer landing on the page? With effective web design, that’s how.

For web design to be effective, it has to

  • Help the reader perform the intended task without confusing him/her
  • Look good on all devices, from widescreens to tiny mobile phones
  • Have clear calls to action and keep the needs of the reader on top of the mind
  • Blend with content instead of overwhelming it and obfuscating the core message
  • Be uniform in look and feel everywhere, across all customer touch points
  • Focus less on pretty, shiny things like 3D icons and more on utility( function over form)

A good web design is crucial because people online make snap decisions based on what they see, and first impressions are very hard to change.

Landing Page Design & Development

Your landing pages are gateways into your sales pipeline. Whether your visitor becomes a new lead or a missed opportunity depends on what they find there. Are your landing pages optimized to convert visitors into leads, or are they causing unnecessarily high abandonment? Our team of experts is eager to help you answer this critical question—and to turn your landing pages into lean, mean lead-converting machines.

Arriving at an optimized landing page design takes much more than simply mimicking a successful best-practices template. Nowspeed employs a unique combination of web design and marketing strategy to deliver:

  • Custom landing page templates that dramatically improve conversion rates
  • Persuasive copywriting with headlines and calls to action that result in clicks
  • Easy-to-use web forms that capture and validate data
  • Direct CRM (Customer Resource Management e.g. Salesforce) or Marketing Automation (e.g. Eloqua) System integration

Even a small change in conversion rates can mean a huge uptick in your marketing campaign results. That’s why it’s essential to take your landing pages to the next level. Exceptional landing page designs:

  • Present a compelling offer that is topical, relevant and aligned to the needs of your visitor
  • Make it easy to transact, requesting just the right amount of information in a clear easy-to-use layout
  • Build excitement and anticipation about the offer with head-turning headlines, copy and design
  • Have a single focus on encouraging the visitor to submit their information, with a clear call to action that isn’t in competition with other links and interactive elements
  • Affirm your commitment to a visitor’s privacy

We’d love the opportunity to discuss your next landing page development project with you. Visit our portfolio to see examples of landing pages that we’ve recently designed. Request Free Consultation today to learn more about this service.

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